Summer 2017

It’s been four years since we remodelled Criannan and we are just marvelling at all the growth and maturity that has happened in the gardens during this time. This summer has been spectacular so far. We now have a potting shed/solarium and a very successful bird feeding station in the plum tree with a wealth of feeders and hangers as well as a large bird table and bird bath. the antics of our many visitors every day keep us amused  for ages! We have resident rabbits, a famous grouse, a pheasant, 3 hedgehogs and various other regular visitors!

We have just created a lovely new “sitooterie”on the lower lawn nestled in the corner against the very old ( 90 years?) low stone retaining wall. This creates a real sun trap and a cosy nook in the evenings – with the addition of a chiminea for extra warmth and atmosphere. Very stylish.

The garden now has a new rose bed with beautifully scented roses and a herb box to enhance guests recipe creations.

Inside we constantly update the art we display on the wall – all local artists and printmakers – and add new equipment to the already well equipped kitchen. We have new settees since the pictures were taken too.


August 2013

At last the building work is all finished and we are finally able to re-open our holiday home to guests. Those of you with experience of building extensions and alterations will not be surprised to learn that it all took twice as long to accomplish as we had planned.

In the end the work dragged on into May, mainly because we had a very hard winter with lots of snow and freezing temperatures which held the work up. And also because once we got started we decided to “go the whole hog” and:

  •  renew all the plumbing and heating, including pipework back to the mains
  • renew all of the electrical wiring, switches, sockets and light fittings
  • strip, re-plaster and redecorate in the “old” part of the house to match the new extension
  • replace all the windows and doors.

That all made a terrible mess, and it got pretty miserable in the dark depths of winter when we had no electricity or heating. But now we think it’s all been worth it! The views from the new deck are superb, and we’ve had our new foldback patio doors thrown wide open throughout the “heatwave” in July (actually more of a very pleasant warm spell up here in Wooler).

The poor garden took a terrible hammering during the building work, and we’ve had to work had to get it back into shape. Thanks to the recuperative powers of Mother Nature, and quite a lot of new planting, the garden now looks more beautiful than ever. The apple and plum trees are laden with fruit, but slow to ripen this year because of the late start to the growing season.

We asked a local photographer to take lots of pictures – which you’ll find on the gallery page  – to give you an idea of what the house now looks like, inside and out.

October 2012
Our chosen builder, Chris McCann, starts work on altering the ‘old’ part of the house and adding an extension on the site of the old greenhouse and garage. He thinks he might finish around January or February 2013.